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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Beginnings

Its been a while...

Life has been hectic but exciting. Lord willing, come January, I will be able to blog more often.

My unplanned sabbatical was due to an amazing opportunity the Lord has given me and that I am excited to share with you -  hopefully you guys are still out ;)

The Lord has opened doors and has allowed me to publish my first book. This captivating Christmas Story, geared towards the whole family, will take you back in time.  There you'll rediscover, fresh and anew, the beauty, majesty, wonder and awe of Jesus's birth and God's love for us, through the perspective of the Wise Men. "Journey to Faith - Through the Eyes of the Wise Men," is the never before told story of the three mysterious Wise Men, their journey and their life transforming encounter with the newborn King. Who were they and how did they know about Jesus's birth and its significance?

Find the answers to these questions by reliving their journey. Walk in their shoes to see what they saw, hear what they heard, feel what they felt and experience every moment they experienced. From the moment Melchior discovers the sacred scrolls of God's word, to the moment Gaspar finally believes, to the moment they see scriptures fulfilled with their own eyes - readers experience firsthand the joys, fears, doubts, struggles and the encounter that changed the lives of the Wise Men forever.

Their story is one of faith, friendship, and perseverance. As they face and overcome insurmountable obstacles and doubts, defy their fears and venture into the unknown, they remind us that life’s greatest rewards and experiences come to those with a tenacious spirit; they dare us to pursue God, regardless of what we face, and the dreams and/or desires he has hidden in our hearts. Reminding us, God is always worth it.

 My hope for everyone who reads this engaging story, is a renewed confidence in God's love for us and a deeper understanding of His desire to have a relationship with us. Will you be like the Wise Men? Will you take the journey to faith?

Following is my book's website and the link to There you will find reviews, interviews, an event schedule, ratings and more.

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