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Thursday, March 19, 2015

He Sees and Loves The Real You

Do you struggle with God's love for you?  Does it seem impossible, crazy and unrealistic that The Holy and all powerful God loves you?

I struggled with that truth for some time.  I lived a "heaven on earth" love affair with the Lover of my soul.  I had tasted and seen first hand how good he is.  He was all I wanted and all I needed.  Yet out of the blue, one day, he was just "gone."  I could not feel him like I used to, loose myself in his presence like I always had and bask in his unfailing love.  Instead I felt alone, abandoned and forsaken.

During those terrible years I fell into despair.  My pain, sorrow, brokenness and despair persuaded me into mistrusting God and doubting his faithfulness.  Thankfully God is greater and he began a healing and restoring work in my life.

However, I struggled with believing that he loved me.  I believed he had forgiven me. But love me, the way I had always known -  no way...not anymore...not after hurting him the way I did.

To the honor and glory of his name, I am living proof that he does!!!!!!

God has loved  you with an unfailing love and nothing...nothing can separate you from his love.  He draws close to the brokenhearted, to the weak and weary.  He draws close because he knows his redemptive love will transform you into the person he created you to be.  Sin, failure, circumstances and life will never distort or change God's opinion of you.  Your are his beloved, his treasured possession and the apple of his eye.  He died for you and raised again on the third day to make you his redeemed bride.  That was the greatest demonstration of his love for you.

Next time you hear the accuser of your soul whispers lies into your ears, remember He sees the real you, draws close and loves you with his unfailing, redemptive, mercy and grace filled love.

 "...I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. Jeremiah 31:3b

The Real Me - Copyright Fogel 2012

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