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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grace - Originally Posted November 2013

The Father: “I love (your name). (Your name) won’t be able to know me unless…”

The Son: "I know…unless I take (your name) place."

The Father: "That means…"

The Son: "Separation from you."

The Father: "It is the only way…without your blood (your name) is helpless and hopeless."

The Son: "I know…I will go and reveal ourself to (your name). I will take (your name) place and die for her/him. My blood will redeem (your name) and make (your name) my bride." 

The Father: "When I look at (your Name) I will see (your name) through your blood because (your name) put her trust in You."

G – God’s
R – Redemption
A – At
C – Christ’s
E – Expense

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