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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Get Up And Try Again! Originally Posted October 2013

Ever notice when a baby is attempting it’s first steps? For some their face says “I can and I will do this” others “I am going to try this but I don’t know” and yet others “I’m not ready”.  Have you noticed the parents looking on? “You can do this!” or “Come on I’ll catch you.”  and when (not if) that baby falls, the reaction of that parent? The parent comes and comforts, hugs, kisses, applauds, encourages and loves on the child, right?  What about the child?  Does (s)he go back and scold her/himself for falling? Do they give up and never try again?  Sometimes they give up for a little while if they had a big fall, but they don’t dwell on it too long before they try again. They easily forget the fall and move on.

Now regardless of how old we are, when compared to God Almighty we are like infants.  Our minds can not compare to His.  As he watches us – His children, whom He loves – He does so with even more love, passion, and attentiveness than the most loving earthly parent demonstrates. That being the case, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why don’t we get up and try again? Do we doubt:

  • God’s grace is enough?
  • That His mercy is new each day?
  • That His compassions fail?
  • That His blood can wipe away every sin?
  • That He is able to make all things new?

You may say to yourself “I do not doubt those things”.  But if you continue to dwell on your falls you indeed doubt Him.  Do you think He expected you to never fall, bump your head, get a few cuts and bruises? Do you think He expected you to get it all right the first time and never make a mistake?

He knew before He formed you how many falls, head bumps, skinned knees, broken bones, trips to the spiritual ER and spiritual surgeries you would need.  It’s no surprise to him. Still, He made you, loved you, chose you and knows you! He knew His mercy, grace, love and blood ARE ENOUGH!!! And like a loving earthly parent, when one of His children falls He is there to comfort, hug, kiss, applaud, encourage and love on His child. We like the infant, need to get up and try to take that step again.  Oh we will fall again, but His loving arms full of grace and mercy will be there to catch us.  There will be times our mistakes will land us in the spiritual ER and will lead to spiritual surgery.  But just like we are there for and with our children every moment – so is He.  Unlike us, he can fully comfort us, ease our pain, bring healing and turn what was meant for harm into something that is good for us – to His Glory!

Forgive me LORD, for dwelling on my falls, skinned knees and bruised life instead of dwelling on who you are – my loving, merciful and forgiving Father. Thank you that You are greater than any sin, mistake, flaw and weakness in my life. Thank you that although you knew the mess I would make with my life, you still loved me so much that you not only created me but also came and died for me. Today I choose not to dwell on my fall.  Today I choose to get up and try again – to your Glory and Honor. Enable me to receive the comfort, peace and grace you offer me.  In Jesus’ Holy Name I ask AMEN.

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