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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Before I Continue With My Testimony ... Originally Posted on January 2013

I feel the Lord wants me to pause here.  As I said last week, my emotions began to control me.  I took my eyes off Jesus and I began to sink.  The disappointments I faced, the unfulfilled promises, painful events and my battle with depression led me to the dark valley of unbelief.  That is a dangerous valley that leads you away from God (Hebrews 3:12).  I didn’t trust him and became very angry with him.  I felt he let me down.  But even though I felt that way I still wanted him near.  I missed the intimacy we had and still longed for him. That hunger, thirst, longing and desire for him never left me.  I knew I couldn't save myself; I depended completely on him. My heart was too bitter, resentful and hurt.  I now knew the depravity of my heart and my sinfulness in a way I had never known before.  I realized how deceitful my heart is.  I began to feel ashamed and unworthy – I knew I was not good enough and never would be.

Would he come for me?
Is it too late for me?

I Can Not Say

No!!!!!!  While we still have breath in our lungs we have not waited too long.  That is the lie the enemy wants you to believe. He wants you to believe that you have reached the point of no return; that your sin was too great for his blood to cover, that you have failed him like no one else has and you can not be restored, that you will never be the same, that you have shamed his name, that you are unworthy and unusable- that it’s too late for you.  Notice how his lies have some truth to them, which is what makes them seem like truth to us.  We truly, in of ourselves, are unworthy, can not be restored, have failed God and are not good enough.  The enemy is cunning and he will take bits and pieces of truth and twist them, in such a way that if not vigilant, will lead us to believe his deception and walk down the road of unbelief. 

But the thing is - we are not standing alone.  We have come under the blood of Jesus.  When God sees us he sees us through the perfect life of Jesus.  We stand cleansed, redeemed and whole.  We are holy and beautiful, justified and made righteous.  Jesus’ death paid the price for our sin.  I am not guilty- he was - for you and me.  All we need to do is accept his precious gift. I don’t understand it but, finally, I willingly take it!

So while there is still breath in your lungs you have not waited too long.  Call unto God and he will answer you (Jeremiah 33:3) and heal you (Exodus 15:26).  His compassions and mercy never fail they are new each and every morning because he is faithful and good to those who hope in him (Lamentations 3:21-26).  He longs to be gracious to you and show you his compassion…he promises that you will weep no more.  He wants you to cry to him for help because as soon as he hears you he will answer you (Isaiah 30:8-21).  Beloved you didn’t wait too long.  He loves you!

Additional truths to meditate on:

Psalm 32:8
Psalm 34:7, 18
Psalm 91:14-16
Psalm 121:1-8
Ephesians 1:18-19
Hebrews 11:1, 6, 13, 39
1 Peter 3:12

Thank you Jesus for reminding me of this today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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